Meet Our Founder: Parker Roloff

At the age of three years old, I took my first steps onto the judo mat and the rest is history. I made a home out of the dojo and what started as a sport has now developed into a passion and lifestyle. Now, almost twenty years later I continue my passion and am proud to call myself a 2024 Olympic hopeful in the sport of judo.

Throughout this journey one thing I learned was to never settle for less than perfect. Whether it was in judo, school or work, I was taught to strive for greatness. That did not change when it came to nutrition and personal care. I always focused on using the most transparent, ethical, and healthy products to fuel and care for my body. I yearned for pure products that resulted in peak performance. Subsequently, this led to countless hours of research, numerous trips to the nutritionist, and repetitive trial and error processes.

It became exhausting searching for products that were absent of harsh chemicals. With that EverPure Market was born. I have set out to change the world and the healthy shopping industry. EverPure is dedicated to making it simple and easy to find and purchase healthy, non-toxic, transparent, and sustainable products because no one should have to settle for less than perfect.

Building A Healthy Lifestyle Through Determination

Parker graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Business Administration & Finance. To this day, Parker is Junior Olympic Champion, National Champion, Scholastics Champion, Pan-American Qualifier, U.S. Open Bronze Medalist, and current member of The United States of America National Team for judo.